Conversations with God Replace Lies with Truth


It’s an exciting time for Living Joy because we are saying Yes to new paths God is calling us to. Let me be honest, some days it’s a confident YES, but other days i measure these decisions against my own strength and gifts - leaving me incredibly doubtful and even worse, fearful.

But I sat with God this morning and this is the sweet time He flips the fear and reminds me if I measure the next steps for Living Joy in my power and forget God - I will always mismeasure my potential to do what God has called me to do.

This is why spending time, this intimate relationship with God is so important. He leads you, listens to you, and replaces lies with truth. And this time looks different for everyone. No set time, set way or perfect words. It is your personal relationship with the Lord!

As I woke up doubtful for my assignments...God whispered in our time together, “I am with you.” And this friends is where we want to live from - God’s will and truth! If I hadn’t sat with Him I would be operating from fear today.

How will you talk to God today?