A Thought on Expectations

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“Don’t let your expectations leave you disappointed in your realities.”


I heard this yesterday and it gently challenged me to realign my expectations with God’s will or even lower my expectations in many areas.

Maybe you make it to the gym 3 times this week instead of 6 or maybe not at all.

Maybe you rock the crockpot instead of an eight course dinner.

Maybe you look to God to satisfy your heart rather than relationships.

Maybe you let your child watch a movie tonight if you’re tired or start dinner with dessert. 😮

Maybe get one thing done on your to do list rather than finishing it.

Maybe let your child dress themselves.

Maybe you rock a hat instead of doing your hair.

Maybe you forgive yourself and let go of your mistakes.

Maybe you give yourself a little more grace.

Realigning or changing our expectations will help us not feel disappointed in our realities.

I’m thinking through this too - where I’ve set the bar so high the only outcome leaves me discouraged in my present circumstances. I know God doesn’t want us to live this way so I’m giving lots of grace in my expectations today!