Looking to Him

So often we look to our relationships, friendships, success, feelings, validations to make us happy. We look left and right, horizontally, running after earthly things in hopes it fills us up. Leaving us discouraged and disappointed in our efforts - especially when our expectations aren’t met.
I often look for joy in things going smoothly. In my plans, expectations of others, health, self - pretty much everything...even traffic! And when it doesn’t, I’m left frustrated.

God is vertical and wants our joy to come from Him. Always available, always perfect in our weakness, always abundant and everything we need.

As a new mom and getting older my world has been rocked in this. I’m grateful for it because I no longer look to things or people of this world to make me happy...but God. So in the frustration of things not going smoothly and stealing my joy...

I take a deep breath - Look up and say Jesus.

His rescuing grace and joy are available instantly. I’m restored.

When we’re tempted to chase left and right to fill our hearts today...look up. Everything we need, instant joy, are already here and will never disappoint! 🙌🏻