Quiet Time Workshop - Raleigh

you can't run on an empty cup

And the world will tell you to fill it up with ALL. THE.  THINGS.  But here's the catch - they're all temporary and fleeting if your daily cup isn't filled with what matters most, God's Word.  It's the only thing that is constant yesterday, today and tomorrow and the foundation from where we want to live.  We had fifteen ladies join us at our first ever quiet time workshop.  We gathered, let down walls, talked everyday hurdles and exhausting to do list's to make spending time with God a priority.  We have an open table and would love for you to join us at our next one!


Our hope is to host a workshop each month, where ladies from all over can gather and go deeper! Our Summer 2018 series will be in Raleigh area shops. If you are local to us here, we so hope you will join us! 

June 21 - The Flourish Market, Raleigh
July 19 - Thanks A Latte, Holly Springs