We believe in the power of prayer.
we serve a BIG God WHO hears BIG prayers!


Looking at the month ahead, we are focusing our hearts on prayer. Prayer is a conversation between you and God.  Nothing buttoned up, no mask on, no perfect words – a come as you are intimate chat.  I often vision myself in my coziest pajamas sitting at the feet of God.  Fully loved and fully known.  I vision my prayer time as an unpacking party for me and a packing party for God.  I unpack my heart to Him - then He packs up all the scattered pieces, so delicately, and takes them with Him.  All of them.  The big and small.  He cares and wants to be in every detail of our life.  From our getting up to our going to bed.  From the outfit we pick out to the dinner we make.  He deeply desires to walk through life with us, hand in hand, and that begins with conversation through prayer.

I begin my unpacking - maybe I’ve woken up with a horrible attitude or a funk that I cannot shake.  Or an ungrateful, selfish heart.  Maybe a heart that doesn’t even think or want to get through the day.  There are also unpacking days that include my dad having cancer, divorce, my grandmother’s death, bills I cannot pay, unimaginable betrayal, broken relationships, family struggles, heartbreaking hurts that I’ve caused, child struggling with thoughts of suicide, alcohol or pills I didn’t say no to again, an identity that is so wrapped up in what other people think - I’m left prisoner in my own skin.  Nothing is too small, too big, too silly, too shameful for the reach of God’s loving arms.  And if we think it is – we are minimizing who God is.


My unpacking party never looks the same, but the packing party is always the same.  God – constant and never changing.  Always there.  Deeply faithful.  I imagine Him as I unpack my heart, picking up the fragile pieces and carefully placing them in His suitcase one by one.  My safe place.  Always with love, always with arms wide open, always with the most tender of care.  And the best thing.  He zips up the suitcase and carries it with Him.  Never wanting me to pick it up again. 

God delights in answering our prayers.  He may be silent at times and He might not answer in the way we want it to be answered, but know one thing - He always answers them in the best way.  Now that we’ve unpacked, we can go through our days much lighter.  We don’t have to carry the burdens of our heart, our personal suitcase, because He does.

Now let’s start your unpacking!  We’ve created a circles method to help guide your daily prayer life.  Imagine a target – the inner most circle are the people you hold closest, your hardest struggles, the most intimate layer of your heart.  Pray through and unpack these with God on Monday.  Now go outwards on the target to the next circle.  This circle might include extended family, private worries, you name it.  No one’s suitcase is the same.  Pray and unpack this with God on Tuesday.  Continue outward on the target and use each circle and corresponding day to pray through your heart. Enjoy your unpacking party with God!  He is ready and waiting for you sweet friend!

Prayer Infographic.jpg

Call to me and I will answer you.
Jeremiah 33:3

The Journal of Intentional Living prayer section is designed using our prayer circles method.  Take a peek in the journal and watch an explanation via the link below.