Spending Time with God First Thing

Compare your days spent with God in the morning to the days you try to do it all on your own?

I am nothing without God but everything with Him. That's why I must spend time alone with Him every single day. I have to take time before anything else to be alone with God, reading His Word, and talking to Him. 

God is not a religion. It's a relationship. Don't pick up the phone only on Sunday morning.  He wants to be a part of your everyday life. Right now, today. Yes, that includes giving you strength with the kids this morning, wisdom for your big meeting, patience with loved ones, love for strangers, joy in the ordinary, energy for the workout, kindness in the carpool lane, self-control over food, sound mind in your trial, forgiveness for an apology never received, help with your to do list, your today, whatever that looks like for you. 

 Romans 15:4 "For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."

 Everything in Scripture is written for our encouragement. Even the tough parts of God's Word are there to ultimately encourage our lives in the right direction. That's why we need to spend time alone with Him! 

 My alarm clock goes off at 430am. I get my coffee and spend the first hour of everyday with Him and reading scripture. We communicate and He speaks with me. Sometimes I don't hear from Him but I'm still trusting and believing. It is a relationship, like any other relationship in your life, time must be invested in it. How are you going to hear Him if you’re not sitting alone with Him? Today, I unpacked my heart to Him with prayer. I now have room to do his work knowing He is taking care of my hearts worries and desires. You must seek Him and ask for yours too. He is ready and waiting!

 The Bible says in Psalm 119:114: You're my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your word to renew me."

Spending time with God and his Word has the power to change your life. It has God's power in it. Nothing else does.