Next Tuesday, November 18th - Mark Your Calendar!

The Journals will be available for YOUR heart and home - next Tuesday, November 18th!


Sneak peek below of the journal laid out by sections...


Quiet time with Jesus changed my life.  During my quiet time I noticed I had so many journals and "stuff" that I needed a tool that could organize it all.  God placed on my heart the Journal of Intentional Living.  This journal is divided in to 8 sections:

Prayers - Different prayer topics for each day of the week so you don't get stuck in your prayer life.  A place for His answers beside every prayer.  A place to pray for the nation and world.

Quiet Time - A scripture from every book of the Bible will help encourage time with the Holy Spirit.  I use this area with other devotionals such as She Read Truth app, Jesus Calling, In Touch by Dr Charles Stanley to name a few.  Should last a super user 3 months.

Bible Study - Record any answers and thoughts from Bible study.  I am doing the "Best Yes" study by Lysa Terkeurst right now and will do the Advent study by Louie Giglio in a few weeks.  Also, an area to write down prayers for other Bible study members in this section.  My Bible study group believes so much in prayer!

Worship - I LOVE church.  I attend an average of 2 or 3 services from different churches a week and love writing everything I learn.  I attend Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC and will call it my church home in January!

Memory Verses - You can write different Bible versions and translations of favorite scripture.  Its always good to have a verse that you relate to during every season of life.  Mine right now, for this very season, is John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come so that you would have life and have it to the full". 

Conference/Retreat - Have you ever been to a retreat, took lots of notes, felt really good and then came back to the real world and couldn't find all of those points you wanted to implement in your daily life.  My most recent retreat was She Speaks with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I love having my favorite takeaways in my journal so I can apply them to my every day living.

Journaling - Everyone can use this section different.  Maybe your thoughts, feelings, emotions or a letter you want to write someone.  I use this for my extra studies.  I like to learn meanings of words people throw around assuming I know the meaning:  Protestant, Evangelist, Catholic vs Christianity, King David are a few I've studied in the last few weeks.

Clear Your Mind - Do you ever come to your quiet time and its the ONLY time you remember to make the dentist appointment or send the birthday card?  The thief wants you to be distracted and not grow or have your quiet time.  This section is made up of perforated sheets of paper that you can record all those distracting thoughts and once you are DONE with your time with Jesus you can tear it out of your journal and take it with you in your purse so you don't forget to them.


There is so much more to this journal and what it holds!  The Journal of Intentional Living will help you love and serve others better and encourage you during your quiet time.  But the truth is - this journal will not change your life.  Jesus is the change agent and the only source for joy, peace, love, and hope.  However, you will never regret investing in this time!  My quiet time and personal relationship with Jesus, truly, changed my life!

Love love love,